Predictive Analytics in R, Rapid Miner, Octave, or Mathematica?

Manufacturing or B2B:  Do you need to implement predictive analytics on your product pricing.  You would like to validate your sales team’s pricing proposals and make sure they are optimizing pricing?  We can help you do this in any of these tools.

Want to take it a step further and make sure that sales team is best informed and prepared for the negotiation?  We can do that too.

Higher Education, Non-Profits:  Do you need predictive analytics around your student populations?  Your Donors?  We can help you do this in any of these tools.

Human Resources:  Do you want to better understand your employee’s loyalty, commitment?  We have models based on large datasets and current research to help you identify at-risk populations, and help you design a program around improving retention.

Internal Audit:  You want to build a complex risk model for a population of transactions, assets, or individuals?  We can show you how to create easily maintainable, documentable, and sustainable tools like decision trees and forests to help you perform analytic risk models over entire populations, giving your Governing Board the best practicable confidence in their processes and disclosures.





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